Marquis de Sade: Spanish Fly

"The news from Marseilles is that M. le Comte de Sade, who caused such a stir in 1768 by the lunatic horrors which he inflicted on a girl... has just provided in this town a spectacle, pleasant at first, but appalling in its consequences. He gave a ball, to which a large number of guests were invited. Into the pudding course he inserted some chocolates so delicious that several people ate them. There were plenty of these, and nobody went short, but in them he had inserted 'Spanish Fly'. The virtue of this preparation is well known; and, as it turned out, all those who had eaten it, burning with unchaste desire, gave themselves up to all the excesses to which the most lascivious frenzy can carry one. The ball degenerated into one of those licentious parties renowned among the Romans. The most modest women could not do enough to give expression to the itch which had seized them. Thus M. de Sade enjoyed the sister-in-law with whom he has fled to preserve himself from the penalty which he deserves. Several persons are dead from the excesses to which they gave themselves up in their Priapic fury and others are still severely indisposed."

[In 1994, the Pentagon proposed developing an aphrodisiac "sex bomb" which would make enemy soldiers irresistible to one another, thereby delivering a "distasteful but completely non-lethal" blow to enemy morale.]

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